Decentralized Clinical Trials

In future, Clinical Trials will never look the same. Over the recent years, it became obvious that the pen and paper will be replaced with electronic and digital tools, and that physical visits can be replaced with remote and mobile health solutions and home visits – bringing the clinic to the patient’s home.

The COV19 pandemic made this an immediate need and brought it to the acknowledgment of the entire Biomed industry. In the arena of Clinical Trials this is in line with the trend to make future studies patient centric and step in much faster into Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT). 


Our view

  • Decentralized Clinical Trials enable the patient centric approach within the clinical trial environment
  • Highest standards of clinical care and regulatory adherence
  • Experienced medical staff – nurses/paramedics/ physicians from a variety of clinical background and a range of therapeutic areas suited to the Sponsors’ indication

Benefits for the patient

  • Reduce study subjects’ efforts and resolve mobility difficulties
  • Reduce subjects’ exposure to health risks upon needless arrival to the clinic
  • Reduce the commitment from patients’ family members and save their time to commute the subject during clinic visits
  • Personal and long-term relationship with the caregiver which becomes familiar with the subjects’ medical records and improve treatment
  • Sense of calmness and security in a pleasant and familiar environment
  • Lowers mental stress, especially in certain studies where the enrollment process and continuous clinical visits can be burdensome
  • Study visits adjusted to subject’s preference
  • Saves bothering with travel expenses reimbursement

Benefits for the sponsor

  • Higher adherence with the protocol procedures during the visits
  • Improves subject’s compliance and retention rates
  • Exposure to a wider population as distance and mobility difficulties will not be an obstacle
  • Precise protocol follow-up timelines and augmented patient support
  • Build better trials by listening to the patients and identifying their pain points
  • Shorter time to market with a smaller sample size
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