About Us

CTNT is a privately-owned clinical research services provider dedicated to providing high-quality clinical, regulatory affairs and quality assurance services to the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology industry.

We provide high quality, clinical development services to help plan, support and manage your clinical program within the required time frame and budget constraints.

CTNT provides partial support or a full range of services that can be insourced or outsourced according to our clients’ needs. Our flexible services and tailor-made solutions, accompany the product from clinical inception through regulatory review to commercialization as quickly as possible.

About UsOur team of professional and experienced project managers, CRAs and CTAs are committed to promoting and supporting our clients’ clinical programs – from pipeline to marketing.

Our team’s broad experience, responsibility, extensive knowledge and familiarity with local and international regulations, help provide our clients with unique insights and identify specific needs during clinical program development.

With CTNT you can be confident that your clinical development program receives all the attention it deserves!

Our Vision

CTNT is inspired by the potential, achievements and efforts of its clients. We share our clients’ vision to drive healthcare forward.

We support pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology companies in achieving their goals, maximizing opportunities, and deliver valuable outcomes within limited resources and timelines.

Our Mission

We strive to:

  • Become a reliable partner to our clients throughout the product development process
  • Provide excellent and efficient services
  • Provide innovative and creative solutions
  • Provide high-quality data
  • Be highly committed and attentive to all our clients’ needs
  • Envision the entire clinical development program while minding all details and processes
  • Achieve our clients’ goals on time
  • Provide high quality services
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